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Foreclosure Inspection

Who’s on Your Side?

The Bank or Holder of the property (HUD, Fannie Mae, Real Estate Company, etc,)?
Not at all. Their only purpose is to sell the property and they are not required to disclose any problems to you. They are selling For Sale AS IS!

The Seller’s Agent?
In the foreclosure market, even the Seller’s Agent is exempt from disclosing what may turn into expensive repairs. So no protection, no help for your investment. For Sale AS IS.

Your Home Inspector?
Yes, I can save you from a bad decision with a quality inspection. I don’t ever do what I refer to as a drive-by inspection (far too common with inspectors trying to play the numbers game because of the vast foreclosure/short sale market). You may see the worn carpet and the peeling paint, but the things that really cost can be hidden from all but the most experienced eye. Hidden plumbing problems, major electrical problems, unsafe conditions, failure of major systems, roofing problems and structural problems can turn your great buy into a costly and even unacceptable place to live. I can tell you what For Sale AS IS - IS.

We strive to tell you what you don’t know about your potential purchase.

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